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Most lenders entertain only those who either have a higher source of income or collateral or both when getting a loan. After all, they want to ensure that they are going to get their money back. So how are you going to get a loan without pledging any asset.

How To Get Accepted For A Personal Loan Without Collateral

It’s possible that you get a loan without collateral; however, the lending company must ensure your ability to settle the debt without any hassle. To do this, they will not only rely on your income but also, your credit score and debt-to-income ratio.

If you want to increase your chance of getting a personal loan, here are some tips you may follow to have your application granted.

Check Your Credit History

It doesn’t matter if you know you have a bad credit score or not, what matters is you have seen your credit report personally. This will let you check if the accounts entered are correct or there is any inaccuracy. It will also give you a list of your current debts so you can create a repayment plan. Be sure to fix your credit report in case you have a bad credit rating.

Create A Repayment Plan

When you have a bad credit score, what you want to do is fix it in the soonest possible time so you can have a better financing offer in the future. It may sound easier than done, therefore, create a realistic repayment plan. Check which accounts have a higher interest rate and prioritize them and make sure that you will include its repayment in your budget plan. Remember, your debt-to-income ratio will be checked by the lender so it’s important that you have little to no debt as possible.

Provide A Stable Source Of Income

Being able to repay the loan on time is crucial to a lender therefore, you should be able to provide proof of stable income. This means providing a stable proof of employment history, payslip, bank statements, and other financial records.


Applying for More Than 1 Small Personal Loans at Once

Loan shopping is mostly done by borrowers who would like to compare the rates of the lenders. But is it a good thing? Some people often do this and they don’t know what would be the effect of having multiple personal loans with their credit rating. Having multiple personal loans will make you look so desperate and lenders might think that you’re struggling financially.

Yes, it is possible to have many personal loans at once but don’t risk it because lenders do a credit check for borrowers and they call it “hard inquiry”. This could make your credit ratings lower and if that happens, it will be harder for you to apply for your future loans because many lenders today requires a borrower to have a good credit score. So even if you think you’re eligible to apply for another personal loan, still it’s not a good idea.

Another thing is that having personal loans at once could lead you into deeper debt. You might think at first that you can manage your funds and be able to keep up with your repayments but as time passes you’ll be able to realize that you’re paying for more. Come to think of the terms also that you have to repay your debts and sooner or later you’ll find yourself having financial issues and a bad credit history. And all you have to do is regret for the decision you’ve made.  So before you decide to get multiple personal loans, think twice and try to anticipate the effects it will bring to you and to your credit score. You can wait for at least half a year before you try to send another personal loan application. So if you want to get the best deal for personal loans, you can do some research first and make comparison of your prospect lenders’ rates.

Uses and Processes

Do you need to get a personal loan? Maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity has come up, or you had a great business idea, or just an emergency and you need a sudden injection of cash. Well, a personal loan is for you.

Personal loans are a type of loan that doesn’t have any purpose, allowing the borrower to spend it on whatever he/she wants, unlike mortgages and auto loans.

Personal loans are an unsecured type of loan as it does not require you to offer collateral. These are some of the things that personal loans are used for:

  • Home improvements

  • Business expenses

  • Medical emergencies

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Education

  • Weddings

  • Vacations

Process of getting a personal loan.

  1. You need to compare the rates of other lenders on getting personal loans. This is a very important part of getting the most ideal deal for you. Consult 2-5 lenders, compare their rates and look for the best one.

  2. Application. Once you’ve chosen the best lender for you, see it you qualify for the loan. Ask the lender for requirements.  Evaluate yourself and prepare the things needed to improve your chances of getting approved.

  3. Lenders conduct checks and inquiries on your credit score. Depending on your credit score, they will see whether you pay on time, or if you have any existing loans. They’ll also check if you’re capable of repaying the loan you’ll take out.

  4. Once approved, you’ll start paying your monthly dues plus interest. Make sure you pay on time to avoid damaging your credit score.

If you’re debating on getting a personal loan, here are some of the few pros and cons.


  • Lower monthly interest compared to credit cards.

  • Flexibility in choosing loan terms.

  • Fixed rates

  • It is an unsecured loan, you risk only ruining your credit score if you fail to pay.


  • Compared to secured loans, personal loans have higher interest rates.

  • Usually has a prepayment fine, which means you can’t pay off the loan early.

  • Penalties for missed or late payments.

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